FunHub Leisure Vending


Let’s Play Claw Machines EX1 SP Enquire EX1 SP Introducing FunHubs EX1 SP Claw Machine, a captivating and exciting prize crane that is specifically designed to attract and retain visitor attention. With its appealing aesthetics and a wide selection of prizes, including licensed character merchandise, the EX1 SP is sure to delight players of all […]

EX1 Aisle

Let’s Play Claw Machines EX1 Aisle Enquire EX1 Aisle Introducing the EX1 Aisle Claw Machine, a remarkable variation of the iconic EX1 model, designed specifically for aisle placement to maximize its appeal and showcase the enticing prizes it holds. With its sleek design and eye-catching highlights, the Aisle EX1 is sure to capture the attention […]

E Claw 600 Twin

Claw Machines E Claw 600 Twin Enquire E Claw 600 Twin Introducing the E-Claw 600 Claw Machine, a series of crane machines that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression in any location they occupy! With their innovative patented LED lighting system, the E-Claw 600 machines are not only enticing because of the prizes they […]

Mini Winner Prize Every Time

PRIZE EVERY TIME Claw Machines Mini Winner Prize Every Time Enquire Mini Winner Prize Every Time Introducing the Mini Winner Prize Every Time Claw Machine, where every player is guaranteed to be a winner! With its sleek grey design, fun branding, and vibrant lights, this claw machine is set to captivate players of all ages. […]

Mini Winner

Claw Machines Mini Winner Enquire Mini Winner Introducing our Mini Winner Claw Machine, a compact and entertaining prize crane that packs all the excitement into half the space. Perfectly suited for shopping centers or venues with limited floor space, this miniature attraction offers the same amount of fun and thrill as its larger counterparts. The […]

Twin Giga

Claw Machines Twin Giga Enquire Twin Giga Introducing the Twin Giga Claw Machine, an exciting and engaging arcade game that offers double the fun and double the chances to win amazing prizes, including licensed character merchandise. This impressive machine is identical to our popular Winner Crane, but with the added thrill of two simultaneous gameplay […]

Low Boy

Claw Machines Low Boy Enquire Low Boy Introducing the Low Boy Claw Machine, a compact and efficient Claw Machine that brings big excitement in a small package. With its space-saving design, this Cube Crane delivers maximum appeal while requiring minimal floor space. The Low Boy Claw Machine is available in two stylish colors, ensuring it […]

Cuba Watch

Claw Machines Cuba Watch Enquire Cuba Watch With its eye-catching design and vibrant colors, the Cuba Watch Claw Machine instantly draws attention and invites players to join in on the thrilling action. The machine is filled with an array of enticing prizes, waiting to be claimed by the lucky winners. From plush toys to small […]