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FunHub Zone

FunHub Zone

Welcome to the FunHub Kiosk, a dedicated space designed to create a joyful experience for families with young children. The FunHub Zone offers a wide range of exciting games and attractions that promote interactive play and bonding.

Sports enthusiasts can engage in friendly competition with thrilling games like air hockey, while candy vendors satisfy sweet cravings with a delightful assortment of treats.

By incorporating the FunHub Kiosk in your shopping center, you can bring an extra dose of excitement and entertainment, attracting more visitors and increasing footfall. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and create a vibrant destination for families to enjoy quality time together.

FunHub Zone 1

Step into our large FunHub Zone and discover a variety of options to keep the fun going. From kiddie rides that transport children to imaginative worlds, to play machines that challenge their skills and coordination, and claw machines  that test their precision and determination, there’s something for everyone.

FunHub Zone 2

Designed in a modular format and sitting within a 4m x 2m footprint, FunHub can be deployed in multiple configurations to include both Candy & Toy vending, amusement and free play elements, in addition to kiddie rides which feature contactless payment as standard. 

Dimensions: W 2000 X L 4000 X H 1600mm