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Introducing the Unicorn Kiddie Ride, a truly enchanting and magical experience that brings the dreams of children to life. Prepare to be captivated by the whimsical world of unicorns as you embark on a delightful carousel ride filled with wonder and joy.

At the heart of the Unicorn Kiddie Ride, you’ll find two magnificent unicorns nestled within a charming and magical castle. These beautiful creatures will transport riders to a realm of fantasy and imagination, where dreams come true and adventures unfold.

As you hop aboard the Unicorn Kiddie Ride, you’ll be surrounded by a mesmerizing display of shiny little stars that twinkle and sparkle, creating a magical ambiance that will leave you in awe. The fantastic colors that adorn the carousel add an extra touch of charm and enchantment, immersing riders in a world of vibrant beauty and joy.

Accompanying the visual spectacle is a delightful melody that fills the air, bringing the carousel to life with its captivating music. The enchanting tunes add to the magical atmosphere, creating a sense of wonder and excitement that will make each ride an unforgettable experience.

Children of all ages will be drawn to the Unicorn Kiddie Ride, as it fulfills their deepest desires to be part of a magical world filled with unicorns and enchantment. This ride is a dream come true for many, providing a space where imaginations can run wild and where the impossible becomes possible.

So come and be enchanted by the Unicorn Kiddie Ride. Step into a world of wonder, where unicorns reign and dreams take flight. Let the shiny stars, fantastic colors, and captivating music whisk you away to a realm of pure magic and joy. Experience the joy and enchantment of the Unicorn Kiddie Ride, where dreams become reality and childhood fantasies come to life.

Product Specifications

HEIGHT 155 cm
WIDTH 145 cm
LENGHT 145 cm
WEIGHT 150 kg