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Space Adventure

Space Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos with our Space Adventure Kiddie Ride! This cutting-edge attraction is designed to ignite the imagination and provide an immersive space experience like no other.

At the heart of this thrilling ride is a high-definition interactive video that transports children to the helm of a Space Shuttle. As they take the reins of this interstellar vessel, their mission is to navigate through a dynamic virtual environment, collecting coins along the way and avoiding challenging obstacles. The HD video ensures stunning visuals that bring the adventure to life, captivating young astronauts and fueling their sense of excitement and wonder.

With its interactive gameplay, the Space Adventure Kiddie Ride empowers children to take control and steer their own cosmic journey. The intuitive controls allow them to pilot the Space Shuttle with precision, enhancing their hand-eye coordination and fostering a sense of achievement as they skillfully maneuver through the virtual space.

As children navigate through the exhilarating space mission, the ride incorporates elements of fun and challenge. The thrill of collecting coins encourages young adventurers to aim for higher scores and master their piloting skills. Meanwhile, the presence of obstacles adds an exciting element of suspense and tests their ability to react swiftly and make quick decisions.

Product Specifications

Height: 76″, Width: 60″, Depth: 49.5″ Weight: 595lbs.