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Paw Patrol Kiddie Ride

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol

Join the action-packed world of PAW Patrol with our ‘Paw Patrol’ Kiddie Ride featuring Marshall, the lovable fire dog! Based on the hit kids TV show, this ride is guaranteed to entertain and delight young fans.

Hop aboard Marshall’s fire truck and become a hero in Adventure Bay. As children ride along, they’ll be accompanied by the iconic PAW Patrol theme music, creating an immersive experience that brings the show to life. Kids can hum, sing, and feel like part of the PAW Patrol team.

Inside the ride, there are three buttons that add extra fun and interactivity. Children can activate the fire engine sirens, hear realistic engine noises, and even honk the horn, enhancing the imaginative play and engagement.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! The ride also features a rocking motion, mimicking the thrilling adventures of the PAW Patrol team. Children will feel like they’re navigating through action-packed missions, creating a dynamic and enjoyable experience.

To make the adventure even more realistic, the ‘Paw Patrol’ Kiddie Ride includes flashing fire engine lights, adding a visual spectacle that captivates young riders and enhances the overall excitement.

Get ready to join Marshall and the PAW Patrol crew on a thrilling ride filled with heroic missions, catchy tunes, and interactive play. Our ‘Paw Patrol’ Kiddie Ride brings the magic of the show to life, creating lasting memories and endless fun for children.

Product Specifications

Width: 780mmx Height: 1180mmx Length: 1400mm