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Mitch the Dumper Kiddie Ride

Mitch the Dumper

Mitch the Dumper

Equipped with four fantastic sound effects, ‘Mitch the Dumper’ Kiddie Ride offers an immersive experience for children. As they embark on their dumper truck adventure, they will be accompanied by engaging sound effects that bring the ride to life and enhance their imaginative play.

With two seats available, ‘Mitch the Dumper’ allows children to enjoy the ride alongside their friends or siblings. They can share the excitement and create lasting memories as they navigate through their construction journey together.

Flashing lights add an extra element of visual appeal to the ride. As ‘Mitch the Dumper’ glides along, the vibrant lights create a captivating atmosphere, capturing the attention and imagination of young riders.

Featuring a color rolling road display screen, this ride offers an interactive visual experience. Children can watch as the colorful road unfolds before their eyes, enhancing their sense of adventure and making their ride even more enjoyable.

Let ‘Mitch the Dumper’ Kiddie Ride transport your little ones to a world of construction and imagination. With its engaging sound effects, comfortable two-seater design, flashing lights, and captivating rolling road display, this ride promises endless hours of enjoyment. Watch as your children embark on thrilling construction adventures, developing their creativity and nurturing their love for exploration. ‘Mitch the Dumper’ is ready to take your little ones on an unforgettable journey filled with fun and excitement!

Product Specifications

Width: 88.0 cm
Depth: 165.0 cm.
Height: 137.0 cm
Weight: 133.65kg