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Low Boy

Low Boy

Introducing the Low Boy Claw Machine, a compact and efficient Claw Machine that brings big excitement in a small package. With its space-saving design, this Cube Crane delivers maximum appeal while requiring minimal floor space.

The Low Boy Claw Machine is available in two stylish colors, ensuring it catches the eye of players and adds a touch of visual appeal to any location. Its sleek and modern cube-shaped design houses the captivating gameplay that awaits eager participants.

Players will be delighted by the intuitive controls of the Low Boy Claw Machine. Using the joystick, they can precisely navigate the claw inside the cube to position it above their desired prize. Once the perfect spot is found, a simple press of the ‘Go’ button sets the claw in motion, ready to seize the prize and claim victory. It’s a straightforward and engaging game that appeals to players of all ages.

To enhance the gaming experience, the Low Boy Claw Machine features vibrant lights that illuminate the cube, creating a visually enticing display that captures attention. The lights add an extra level of excitement as players focus on their target and make their move. Combined with the upbeat music that fills the air, the atmosphere becomes energized, creating an immersive and enjoyable gameplay environment.

Product Specifications

H 860mm x W 855mm x L 855mm