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Lightning McQueen Kiddie Ride

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen

Introducing the thrilling Lightning McQueen Kiddie Ride, straight out of the beloved Disney movie Cars! Get ready to race alongside Lightning McQueen as he moves up and down, accompanied by iconic audio from the Cars movie.

With the push of a button, Lightning McQueen springs into action, moving up and down as the familiar audio from the Cars teaser trailer fills the air. It’s an exciting moment that brings the movie magic to life, immersing young riders in the world of Lightning McQueen and his high-speed adventures.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The ‘Lightning McQueen’ Kiddie Ride features interactive pedals and buttons that add extra layers of excitement. Press the first pedal to hear an engine rev sound, simulating the power and speed of Lightning McQueen’s mighty engine. Step on the second pedal to unleash a thrilling tire screeching sound, replicating the excitement of a high-speed race.

The green button is reserved for the honk, allowing young drivers to let others know they’re zooming by. And with the yellow button, riders can enjoy a memorable quote from the movie, immersing themselves in the world of Lightning McQueen and his friends.

This Kiddie Ride is a must-have attraction for any Disney enthusiast or Cars fan. It combines interactive features, authentic audio, and the iconic character of Lightning McQueen to deliver an unforgettable experience for young riders.

Product Specifications

(height / width / depth )
800 mm/1500 mm/800 mm

86 kg