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KC Cobra Kiddie Ride

KC Cobra

KC Cobra

Introducing the thrilling red ‘KC Cobra’ Kiddie Ride, where young adventurers can do more than just ride along – they can take the wheel and drive their virtual vehicle to excitement!

The KC Cobra takes kiddie rides to the next level by combining elements of a traditional ride with an interactive video game experience. As children hop into the vibrant red Cobra, they’ll find a steering wheel that gives them complete control over their virtual vehicle. With the gas pedal, they can speed up and feel the thrill of racing through the virtual world. But that’s not all! The ‘Jump’ button adds an extra element of excitement, allowing kids to navigate their way by leaping over obstacles along the course.

This interactive video game experience provides a unique and engaging ride that will have children’s imaginations racing. They’ll feel like real drivers as they steer, accelerate, and jump their way through the virtual challenges. The KC Cobra brings a new level of interactivity and fun to the kiddie ride experience, creating an exhilarating adventure that will keep kids entertained and eager for more.

Product Specifications

H: 44″, W: 43″, L: 81″ Weight: 331 lbs