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Iggle Piggle Kiddie Ride

Iggle Piggle

Iggle Piggle

Children can hop aboard Iggle Piggle’s boat and embark on a magical journey through the enchanting world of In the Night Garden. As they take a seat next to Iggle Piggle, the ride comes to life with interactive sound effect buttons that add an extra layer of fun and engagement.

The ‘Iggle Piggle’ Kiddie Ride is designed to rock in a gentle wave motion, mimicking the soothing movement of a boat on water. This motion creates a sense of excitement and immersion, making children feel as though they are truly sailing alongside their beloved character.

With each press of the interactive sound effect buttons, children can trigger delightful sounds and bring the adventure to life. From playful giggles to familiar tunes, the ride’s interactive features add to the overall experience and capture the essence of In the Night Garden.

Let your little ones join Iggle Piggle in his boat and experience the joy of imaginative play and gentle rocking motion. The ‘Iggle Piggle’ Kiddie Ride is a magical attraction that will captivate children and create cherished memories of their time in the Night Garden.

Product Specifications

Width: 800mmx Height: 1280mmx Length: 1400mm