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Happy Farm Kiddie Ride

Happy Farm

Happy Farm

Step into the world of the farm with the unique ‘Happy Farm’ Kiddie Ride, offering children an up-close experience like never before. Take a seat and get ready to oversee a miniature farm filled with delightful characters and vibrant set pieces.

Immerse yourself in the Happy Farm as you take control of this magical ride. Press the buttons on the ride to make the adorable figures come to life, moving and creating delightful sound effects. With each press, children will feel a sense of joy and excitement as they interact with the captivating farm scene.

Designed for one child at a time, the ‘Happy Farm’ Kiddie Ride provides a truly immersive experience. Children can fully immerse themselves in the world of the farm, engaging with the characters, colors, and interactive elements.

Embark on a memorable journey through the ‘Happy Farm’ Kiddie Ride, where children can explore, play, and let their imaginations run wild. It’s a ride that promises delight, wonder, and endless fun in the charming world of the farm.

Product Specifications

Width: 770mmx Height: 1100mmx Length: 1320mm
Kg. 100
230V – 110V