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Hanks Hot Dog Kiddie Ride

Hanks Hot Dog

Hanks Hot Dog

Introducing the mouth-watering ‘Hanks Hot Dog’ Kiddie Ride, a delightful experience that combines motion, interactivity, and tantalizing treats! Here are the details:

Step right up and take a ride on the ‘Hanks Hot Dog’ Kiddie Ride, where the fun never stops! As the ride sets into motion, riders will be treated to a rolling road display, creating a dynamic and immersive experience that adds to the excitement.

Engage with the interactive keypad, which invites young adventurers to participate in the ride’s festivities. And that’s not all! Discover six effect buttons that enhance the ride experience. Two of these buttons unleash the lively sounds of horns and skidding, adding a touch of realism to the adventure. The remaining four buttons describe each delectable item on the menu, enticing young riders with vivid descriptions of the tasty treats available.

Indulge in a thrilling and interactive journey with the ‘Hanks Hot Dog’ Kiddie Ride. With its rolling road display, interactive keypad, and effect buttons, this ride offers a multisensory experience that will leave riders craving for more. Get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure like no other!

Product Specifications

Height: 1450mm
Width: 820mm
Length: 1450mm