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Grand Prix Plane

Grand Prix Plane

Introducing the thrilling Grand Prix Plane Kiddie Ride! Designed to ignite the imaginations of young adventurers, this carousel takes young passengers on an exhilarating sky-high journey.

The Grand Prix Plane Kiddie Ride features eye-catching bright red accents that naturally draw the attention of shoppers and passersby. The vibrant color scheme adds to the excitement and sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Each compartment of the carousel is adorned with colorful details, including faux steering wheels, which allow young passengers to feel like they are piloting their very own plane. These interactive elements engage their imaginations and keep them entertained throughout the ride’s duration.

The detailed visuals on the ride create a captivating atmosphere, immersing young passengers in a world of aviation adventure. They will feel like they are soaring through the skies, experiencing the thrill of being a pilot in a Grand Prix race.

To enhance the experience, lively music accompanies the ride, adding to the excitement and creating a dynamic ambiance. As the carousel spins, the upbeat music fills the air, transporting young passengers to a world of aerial excitement.

Safety is paramount, which is why we have incorporated an emergency stop button into the design. This allows operators to quickly and effectively halt the ride if necessary, ensuring the well-being of the young passengers.

With three seats available, the Grand Prix Plane Kiddie Ride is perfect for group adventures. Whether it’s friends, siblings, or families, young passengers can share the excitement and joy of flying together.

Product Specifications

H: 63″, W: 67″, D: 67″ Weight: 441lbs