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Grand Prix Car

Grand Prix Car

Step into the world of high-speed racing with our Grand Prix Car Carousel Kiddie Ride! This thrilling ride is designed to ignite your child’s imagination and provide an unforgettable racing experience.

The Grand Prix Car features vehicle-style seats that resemble real racing cars, complete with their own steering wheels. Your child can grip the wheel and imagine themselves as a skilled race car driver, ready to conquer the track. With each twist and turn, their excitement will soar as they navigate through their racing fantasies.

The Carousel is equipped with three seats, allowing your child and their friends to join in the racing adventure together. As they take their positions, the Carousel begins to spin, adding an extra element of excitement to the ride. The rhythmic music playing in the background sets the perfect racing atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we have included an emergency stop button. In case of any unexpected situations, the button provides immediate control to halt the ride and ensure the well-being of the riders.

Get ready to rev up your child’s imagination and let their racing dreams come to life with our Grand Prix Car Carousel Kiddie Ride. With its thrilling design, interactive steering wheels, multiple seats, and safety features, this ride promises a memorable and enjoyable experience for every young racer. Let the fun begin as they race towards their dreams!

Product Specifications

H: 63″, W: 67″, D: 67″ Weight: 441lbs