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Gallopers Carousel

Gallopers Carousel

Introducing the Gallopers Carousel Kiddie Ride:

Immerse young adventurers in a world of equestrian excitement with our Gallopers Carousel Kiddie Ride. Specifically designed for children aged 4 to 11, this enchanting ride accommodates up to three riders simultaneously, allowing them to experience the thrill of riding beautifully hand-crafted horses.

Equipped with captivating digital sound effects, the Gallopers Carousel creates an immersive atmosphere that sparks the imagination of young riders. Its user-friendly design features convenient “plug and play” functionality, ensuring effortless operation and enjoyment for all.

Safety is paramount, especially when young children are on board. That’s why the Gallopers Carousel incorporates a slow stop and start button, providing an extra layer of safety and control during the ride. Parents and guardians can have peace of mind knowing that their little ones can enjoy the experience while maintaining a secure and enjoyable journey.

Experience the joy and wonder of the Gallopers Carousel Kiddie Ride. Let the rhythmic motion of the horses and the cheerful sounds transport children to a world of adventure, fostering lasting memories and endless smiles.

Product Specifications

H 2060mm x W 1550 mm x L 1550 mm