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Funny Train Kiddie Ride

Funny Train

Funny Train

Introducing the delightful ‘Funny Train’ Kiddie Ride, a compact and friendly blue train ride that brings joy to young riders! Here are the details:

Hop on board the ‘Funny Train’ Kiddie Ride, featuring a sympathetic blue compact train design that will capture the hearts of children.

Designed for one user at a time, this ride offers a personalized and immersive experience, allowing children to enjoy the ride at their own pace.

Engage the senses with the accompanying sound and LED lights. The sound effects create an atmosphere of adventure, while the vibrant LED lights add an element of excitement and visual appeal to the ride.

Embark on a whimsical journey with the ‘Funny Train’ Kiddie Ride. With its adorable design, sound effects, and LED lights, this ride promises a joyful and memorable experience for young riders.

Product Specifications

Height: 125cm | 49.21in
Lenght: 115cm | 45.27in
Width: 63cm | 24.80in
Weight: 80kg | 176.37 1b