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Introducing the thrilling ‘Firetruck’ Kiddie Ride, where children can become heroes and speed to the rescue! Here are the details:

Get ready for an adventure with the ‘Firetruck’ Kiddie Ride! Children can hop into the new two-seater interactive Fire Truck and embark on exciting rescue missions.

This ride is not only fun but also interactive, thanks to the thrilling game panel. Young riders can engage in an exciting game experience while enjoying their ride, adding an extra level of entertainment.

Inspire the imagination of young heroes as they take on the role of firefighters and save the day. The ‘Firetruck’ Kiddie Ride creates an immersive experience where children can feel like real heroes.

Join the rescue team and experience the excitement of the ‘Firetruck’ Kiddie Ride today!

Product Specifications

Width: 87.0 cm
Depth: 150.0 cm
Height: 134.0 cm