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Farm Tractor Kiddie Ride

Farm Tractor

Farm Tractor

Hop on board the ‘Farm Tractor’ Kiddie Ride, a delightful attraction that accommodates two users. Friends can enjoy the experience together, adding to the fun and camaraderie.

The ride features a 10.1″ screen that brings the farm to life with captivating visuals. With a new concept of an educational video, children can learn and explore while enjoying their ride.

Interactivity takes center stage with the ‘Farm Tractor’ Kiddie Ride. Young riders can actively engage with the video, immersing themselves in the educational content and enhancing their learning experience.

Product Specifications

Height: 125cm | 49.21in
Length: 140cm | 55.11in
Width: 85cm | 33.46in
Weight: 90 kg | 198.421b