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EX1 Aisle

Introducing the EX1 Aisle Claw Machine, a remarkable variation of the iconic EX1 model, designed specifically for aisle placement to maximize its appeal and showcase the enticing prizes it holds. With its sleek design and eye-catching highlights, the Aisle EX1 is sure to capture the attention of visitors and create an exciting atmosphere.

The back-to-back configuration of the Aisle EX1 is strategically designed to showcase the prizes from both sides, making it irresistible to passersby. The carefully calculated layout ensures that every angle highlights the excitement and possibilities of winning. This unique design element sets the Aisle EX1 apart, making it a standout attraction in any location.

Attracting visitors to your Aisle EX1 is a breeze, thanks to the dedicated supply and maintenance teams that ensure a continuous stock of captivating prizes. With a wide variety of merchandise available, you can create a prize selection that appeals to a diverse range of players, guaranteeing excitement and anticipation with each play.

To make the Aisle EX1 even more special, it comes with the FunHub branding. This customization adds a touch of exclusivity and further enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the machine, making it a seamless fit for any FunHub-branded environment.

In addition to its striking design, the Aisle EX1 is equipped with bright, fun lights that illuminate the machine and create an engaging atmosphere. These vibrant lights add a sense of energy and excitement, further enhancing the overall experience for players and attracting attention from afar.

Product Specifications

0,9 m x 0,9 m x 2,2 m