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E Claw 600 Twin

E Claw 600 Twin

Introducing the E-Claw 600 Claw Machine, a series of crane machines that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression in any location they occupy!

With their innovative patented LED lighting system, the E-Claw 600 machines are not only enticing because of the prizes they hold but also because of their captivating visual display. Each player side features a translucent front panel with multi-color LEDs positioned behind it, capable of producing an astonishing range of over 300,000 vibrant colors. This dynamic lighting system allows you to customize the machine’s appearance, whether it’s setting a single tone or having it continuously cycle through a mesmerizing array of colors.

The E-Claw 600 Claw Machines are designed to create an immersive and visually stunning experience for players. The vibrant LED lights shine through the translucent front, instantly catching the attention of anyone passing by. This captivating display serves as a powerful draw, inviting players to step up and try their luck at capturing one of the enticing prizes inside.

Product Specifications

H 83″, W 47.5″, D 42″ Weight: 595 lbs.