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Boat Carousel

Boat Carousel

Introducing the Boat Carousel Kiddie Ride:

Enhance your children’s play area with the delightful Boat Carousel, a perfect addition that promises endless fun, laughter, and a dazzling display of vibrant colors for everyone to revel in.

Designed specifically for children aged 4 to 11, the Boat Carousel offers a thrilling experience where three children can become skippers of their own boats simultaneously! This interactive ride allows young adventurers to embark on a maritime journey filled with excitement and imagination.

Equipped with digitalized sound effects, the Boat Carousel captures children’s imaginations, immersing them in a world of nautical exploration. The ride’s user-friendly design features convenient “plug and play” functionality, ensuring effortless operation and enjoyment for all.

Safety is our utmost priority. The Boat Carousel incorporates “Safe Slow Stop & Start” buttons, ensuring a thrilling yet secure experience for the child. These intuitive controls maintain a controlled speed, guaranteeing both excitement and safety throughout the ride.

With its captivating features and engaging experience, the Boat Carousel guarantees hours of joy and entertainment for children in your play area. Let the vibrant colors, laughter, and imaginative adventures of the Boat Carousel create cherished memories for children of all ages.

Product Specifications

Width: 61′ (1550mm)

Height: 64′ (1630mm)

Length: 61′ (1550mm)